New Power Steering Racks In Stock

We have just received a new shipment of brand new power steering racks for Hilux (4×4 & 4×2), Isuzu (4×4 & 4×2) and Quantum vehicles.

These are for retail customers.  Wholesale customers may enquire with Mike Viljoen for our wholesale prices.

  • QSR2068-S  HILUX 4X2  R3202.00
  • SRTA0411  HILUX 4X4  R3202.00
  • QSR8083  ISUZU 4X2  R3402.13
  • QSR8093  ISUZU 4X4  R3402.13
  • QSR2020-S  QUANTUM  R3522.21

power steering rack

All prices excluding VAT.

For more information contact Mike Viljoen – CLICK HERE

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